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Stepping Out of the Vault: A Look at Fallout 2

Fallout 2, the 1998 sequel to the wasteland masterpiece, took everything players loved about the original and cranked it up to eleven. Buckle up, vault dweller, because we’re heading back into the irradiated wasteland for another unforgettable adventure.

Fallout 2 - Reno

Building on a Strong Foundation: A Bigger, Badder Wasteland

Fallout 2 retains the dark humour, retro-futuristic charm, and turn-based combat of its predecessor. This time, you play as a tribal villager tasked with finding a replacement for your dying village’s water chip. The world is even larger and more diverse, spanning from the glittering city of New Reno to the mutant-infested vaults. Familiar factions like the Brotherhood of Steel return, alongside new ones vying for power. The writing remains sharp, with memorable characters and tons of pop-culture references that land surprisingly well.

More Skills, More Quests, More Choice

Fallout 2 expands on the SPECIAL system and skill options, allowing for even more creative character builds. Want to be a talking salesman who solves problems with charisma? A ninja who strikes from the shadows? Or maybe a power-armoured brute who blasts through enemies? The possibilities are vast. The game is overflowing with quests, from straightforward fetch quests to complex, multi-layered challenges that can be tackled in various ways. Combat offers more tactical options with new weapons and armour, while non-violent solutions are often just as rewarding.

Fallout 2 - Camp

A Few Rough Edges in the Wasteland

While Fallout 2 improves on the formula, it’s not without its flaws. The random encounters on the world map can become tedious, especially on slower machines. The game can also be buggy at times, requiring players to save frequently. The late-game content can feel rushed compared to the rich early and mid-game sections.

The Verdict: An Even Waster Wasteland Adventure (Mostly)

Fallout 2 builds upon the strengths of the original, offering a vast world, deep character customization, and tons of choice. The world is richer, the stories are more varied, and the sense of freedom remains unmatched. However, some technical quirks and a weaker late-game hold it back from perfection. For RPG fans who can embrace the classic feel, Fallout 2 is an essential wasteland experience. Just be prepared to save often and dodge a few random encounters.

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