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Review: Black & White

Imagine it’s 2001. You’re not scrolling through endless game recommendations on Steam, but flipping through dog-eared magazines filled with promises of revolutionary experiences. One game stands out: Black & White. It throws Godhood at you, letting you sculpt a civilization and unleash miracles with a mischievous creature by your side. Does this god game still hold up in 2024? Let’s find out.

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From Hand of God to Helping Hand

Black & White ditches traditional RTS controls. Instead, you guide your followers with a giant, ethereal hand. Picking up houses, rewarding good deeds, and smiting foes becomes strangely personal. This innovative interface feels magical, even today.

Creature Comforts

But the real star is your creature, a customizable beast that reflects your moral choices. Train it with kindness, and it becomes a benevolent protector. Shower it with fear, and it transforms into a terrifying tyrant. Witnessing this evolution and its impact on the world is endlessly fascinating.

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Morality in Shades of Grey

Unlike most god games, Black & White doesn’t force you to be a saint or a demon. You can be a benevolent dictator, a mischievous trickster, or something in between. Your choices ripple through the world, shaping your people’s lives and the environment. This moral ambiguity adds depth and replayability.

Time, the Cruel God

While innovative, Black & White hasn’t aged flawlessly. The lack of hotkeys can be frustrating, and some missions feel grindy. The once-stunning visuals now appear dated. But for those willing to embrace its quirks, the core gameplay remains captivating.


Black & White is a timeless classic. Its unique controls, dynamic creature system, and nuanced morality make it an experience unlike any other. If you’re looking for a god game that challenges you to think outside the divine box, then this forgotten gem is still worth a pilgrimage. Just don’t expect miracles of modern polish.

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For history buffs and fans of unique god games. Be prepared for some old-school jank, but the core gameplay is still divine.

NeverPlayed Score

7/10 (A god game with flaws, but its innovative gameplay and moral choices make it a worthy pilgrimage for curious gamers.)

Bonus Tip: If you’re worried about compatibility, check out fan patches and community guides. With a little effort, you can still experience the magic of Black & White in 2024.

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